Small talks with Stanislav Hristov from Trust International B.V.

I still play, I think people should play but should not be overdone

The fact is that with your arrival to Trust, and taking over this region, we noticed a big change on this market. For years, Trust has had its ups and downs, but in recent years, progress has been noticeable. Trust is more and more present and recognized in Serbia. Was it a big challenge in front of you when it comes to Serbia since 2017 when you appeared on GamesCon to see what is happening here?

Each territory and each coutry has it’s own rules and relations that are different. It is important to understand that once applied, a move that has brought success will not bring the same result everywhere. Instead of trying to change the rules of a particular market, you do your best to adapt your rules to them. I know it sounds a bit strange and difficult, but it is important to trust the people you work with and to communicate a lot. I am happy to hear that you see our efforts and that Trust is well positioned in Serbia.

Trust in Serbia in 2017 and now?

Then we tried to show customers in Serbia that we are serious and that we have good products. We are now among few most recognized brands in your country and as far for the future, we want to be even better and offer you everything that your market needs. 

Is there something that you learned from our market?

Of course! People in Serbia are very capable and are trying to overcome all obstacles and do as planned. What makes you specific is your loyalty to some brands and companies from the past and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to be accepted.

How much does the buyer in Serbia differ from the others?

All buyers are in one way the same – They want a good product; and all buyers have some differences depending on economic situation and other players on the market. Only thing that can make difference here is that Serbia is non EU so your import costs are a bit higher and therefor your SRP is different.

We heard that sometimes some products were not approved for sale in our market. What are reasons for that?

Trust has hundreds products in 3 main category. Will be great but is just not possible to has all products together in a market. Sometimes partners decide not to import a product due to specific permits that take time to obtain for import or due to the current supply in the country.

When will we have Trust smart home products in stores in Serbia?

This depends mainly on market demand.

GamesCon 2018. Belgrade


What young people are always asking someone who work in foreign offices is “How did you get a job there and what does it take for someone to start working in a company like Trust?”

I was working for another large and well-known company when I received an offer to move to Trust. It looks like I’ve been lucky if you put things that way. Young people want to work in well-known companies and it is good to have some goals of their own. However, to come to such a position, it takes not only time but effort and work. Sometimes time is not so important, things can happen fast. Believe me that even if you start from, say, the job of a promoter in stores while you are still young and studying, you have to try to give your best and get to know the products you promote well. This can be a step towards the job of a brand assistant for distributer and brand that you have promoted. If you are good you will progress and become a product manager. From there, if you do well and show results, you will be promoted to better position. This is specifically an example of a person I met in Serbia and had the honor to see him progress to the position of regional director of a well-known brand. It is important that you always improve and progress.

Pros and cons of your job?

Every business has its pros and cons. If you had asked me this a year ago, I would probably have said that I sometimes miss the time I spend with my family. Road trips require a lot of organization and plans within the family. Traveling is both good and bad because on the other hand they give me a better insight into the markets I lead and the opportunity to meet different and inspiring people. I think that sometimes it depends on who you are and what you want in life, but it is important that you always find a golden mean and try to be satisfied with what you do.

In which ways and how much pandemic changed the company's plans last year?
Has Trust managed to overcome everything that last year brought to it and how did you organize your work?

No one planned last year and I think everyone had totally different plans. We had to change and adjust those plans very quickly. Some companies have done it less and some more successfully. Problems were various, but we were trying to put health and safe of our workers in the first place. A lot has been done and is was done from homе.  We even managed to organize an online fair for our clients instead of the standard presentations at our headquarters in the Netherlands. We managed to overcome the problems with transport, shortages, but also to completely change the marketing approach to customers. I hope you are satisfied with our work in Serbia.

What are the final results for 2020?

In all countries that I have responsibility we finish with great results. I am proud with Serbia results too because they are double than 2019.

We have seen some of the novelties for 2021. But what do you think are the favorites?

It’s really hard to say only few products but if it necessary I will say what my small son said: Our new white microphones and gaming headset is something that I really, really want to have in my home.

Your personal opinion about gaming?

Fun & relax! I still play, I think people should play but should not be overdone.

About ten years ago, gaming peripherals were a rarity. It seems that now everything has become gaming and the question arises, what about normal, business peripherals. Trust has always been among first to offer the best solutions, primarily for business users and eventually gaming. Do you think that in 2021 things will change in Trust and global markets?

I am sure some things will change. People are now working from home more than ever before. Mornings, days and nights… Gaming peripherals are also good for job, but regular worker need something different. Most important is to have possibility of choices. Offer that can let you decide what to buy. In hard times people need also colors and joy… Something to make working more relaxing and why not to mention as important – something that will look great in you working space at home.

When someone achieves only the best results for so long, are there any challenges?

I am sure that answer is YES. As you can see, world, work, markets… it changes all the time, and never so fast like now. Results come after hard work and you need to be open to learn more and always adopt something new. Every day is a new challenge, right?

Top 3 products in 2020

……Webcams, Chairs and Microphones.

Top 3 favorites in 2021

Iris Webcam? Or something new that we will announce... 


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